RACmonitor is an online news and information source produced to help healthcare providers make informed decisions for their organizations on the activities of third-party contract auditors, such as the Recovery Audit Contractors, and governmental auditors such as those with the Office of Inspector General within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). RACmonitor’s mission is to fight NPOS (non-patient outcome spending) to ensure that disruptive audits and post audit remediation and more don’t take time and money away from the best patient care possible. RACmonitor offers free and premium news, education, and tools to help fight NPOS, while reporting on others that are doing the same, to form a united front. In the fields of technology, staffing, inventory management, billing, compliance, and legislation we are gaining new allies every week. And we at RACmonitor will always fight NPOS to ensure that our customers have the money to spend on the best patient care possible.

From RACmonitor you receive:

  • Free and premium news and articles covering hot topics on regulatory compliance
  • Live weekly Internet radio broadcast called Monitor Mondays
  • Live webcasts featuring nationally recognized thought leaders
  • Special bulletins and news alerts
  • Notifications of upcoming webcasts and special programs
  • Up-to-date resources at RACUniversity our online store