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What is NPOS and how is it related to everything we do at MedLearn? NPOS is Non-Patient Outcome Spending. It is our task to slow, halt and reduce it in our customers’ operations. We want to help healthcare teams fight NPOS because there is so much money spent for non-patient reasons that quality of care is put at risk for our ourselves, families, and friends. The administrative burdens and all the other NPOS that our customers are on the hook for leaves them vulnerable – just look at the pressure that COVID and the recent staffing shortages have put on hospitals, especially those in rural areas. Every day hospitals and other care facilities are spending too much money on burdens that have nothing to do with the care of the sick, be it denials or other compliance risks; lost charges due to coding changes or errors; hiring NPOS staff where better training of existing staff would suffice; frontline staff (doctors, nurses, etc.) burnout and scarcity; legislation-based operational inefficiency; disruptive audits and post-audit remediation; supply chain shortages; ransomware attacks, or ageing systems and other technology issues.. There is a better way, and MedLearn’ s educational materials, webcasts, podcasts and the knowledge of all of our SMEs can help to usher in that promising tomorrow for healthcare, where patient outcome spending is 90-95% of our customer’s budgeting.

We cannot achieve that alone, though. MedLearn is entering into partnerships that will form a unified front against NPOS – in the fields of technology, staffing, inventory management, coding, compliance, and legislation we are gaining new allies every week. And we at MedLearn will always fight NPOS, to ensure that our customers have the money to spend on the best patient care possible.


The NPOS 6 “Pits"


Whether medical employees work directly with patients, or work behind the scenes in-house or remote, keeping staff informed and responsive to the changing needs of the medical field is a constant concern. We keep an eye on the trends and help you navigate the hazards so you can focus on building the perfect team.


Let’s face it; healthcare is a complicated business. Even experts need help when it comes to staying compliant or addressing audits when they come. Nobody surpasses MedLearn when it comes to giving you up-to-date guidance to stay compliant and save money so you can put it back where it belongs: caring for patients.

Inventory Management

Because medicine is a physical profession, the material costs are high. Keeping the spending down while ensuring the highest quality of equipment and service is a nerve-wracking juggling act. We report on logistics, supply-chain concerns, and innovations to help keep your NPOS low.


From advances in telehealth to the latest in 3D imaging and AI, the medical world moves at a lightning pace where innovation is concerned. New tech could mean new life-saving solutions but could also bring new headaches in the already complicated world of coding. The difference lies in staying informed, and that is where we come in.


Whether you’re talking high-volume, low-cost services or big dollar specialties, coding errors hurt. This is where MedLearn’s 30 years of industry experience can really save you money. Our nationally recognized coding specialists pass their wisdom along to you and can triage your organization’s hemorrhage of cash.


The CPT guide may only come out once a year, but the legal side of medicine never takes a day off. New lawsuits, shifting legal definitions of medical procedures, and more changes bring fresh challenges to the coding and compliance landscape. Being out of pace with those changes can quickly lead to being out of money. We keep a close watch on the ever-shifting legislative world so you can stay in touch.

Meet Our Executive Team

Mike Rogge

Chairman of the Board​

Mike Rogge

Chairman of the Board

Angela Kornegor​

Chief Operating Officer​

Angela Kornegor

Chief Executive Officer

Chuck Buck​

Sr. Vice President of New Media and Publisher of RACmonitor and ICD10monitor​

Chuck Buck

Sr. Vice President of New Media and Publisher of RACMonitor and ICD10monitor

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I am responsible for observation stay charges, so this resource has helped me tremendously.”
Karen Rich
RAC and CDI Coordinator, St. Mary's Sacred Heart Hospital
“Helps us with insurance denials. Gives us the tools we need to satisfy coding requirements.”
Karen Pahl
Radiology Information System Manager, Unitypoint Health
“I love your books. They have been my go-to resource for many, many years!”
Isabel Suire
Coding & Office Manager, Louisiana Physician Corporation
“Excellent, reliable coding advice.”
Susan Scott
IR/IC Charge Capture Analyst, St. Mary's Hospital
“Your organization can give me the documentation necessary to fight for correct reimbursement from insurance carriers.”
Denice Spartz
Coding Specialist, Canyon Vista Medical Center
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