With reimbursement under threat, MedLearn delivers actionable guidance with unprecedented All-Access Passes and webcast subscriptions

With the great resignation creating knowledge gaps, Medicare reimbursement constantly under the threat of reduction, coding complexities, and endless opportunities for errors, reimbursement faces exceptional challenges making facilities across the nation vulnerable to financial losses. Even more, with the end of public health emergency and the storm of policy changes that took place, it’s only a matter of time before auditors are expected to dig into compliance issues with targeted scrutiny. MedLearn Media continues innovating multiple product lines to meet the demands of uncertain times giving professionals the tools to adapt to the evolving healthcare regulatory landscape. Expert-guided content fast-tracks answers through a variety of options with unlimited access to comprehensive sets of educational and reference resources, along with webcast subscriptions for one affordable annual fee.

“The decision to develop All-Access Passes and subscriptions was inspired by the growing demand for comprehensive and convenient access to industry resources and information. In today’s fast-paced world, professionals and consumers alike require easy access to a wide range of coding and compliance content, such as educational materials, training resources, and industry updates,” explains Angela Kornegor, Chief Operating Officer, of MedLearn Media. “All-Access Passes and subscriptions provide a centralized platform where users can access a wealth of valuable content and services in one place. They are essential to healthcare professionals because they offer convenience, cost-effectiveness, and a comprehensive solution to meet their informational needs.”

An ICD10monitor subscription delivers exclusively affordable CEUs while providing access to a comprehensive library of webcasts, articles, and podcasts to help master ICD-10/PCS coding, E&M services, IPPS, and OPPS rules in order to overcome challenges experienced every day across the nation.

A RACmonitor webcast subscription comprises of more than 50 educational webcasts with regulatory expert interpretation of complex, and often contradictory rules, including inpatient versus observation services, the PHE, and MPFS, that pose serious compliance risks.

All-Access Passes deliver actionable answers to coding, billing, and compliance challenges through annually updated eBooks, timely webcasts, monthly newsletters, at-a-glance coding charts, expert-written articles, and more. These passes are available and tailored to specific specialties including diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, cardiology, infusion and injection therapy, respiratory therapy, and laboratory. The full range of resources are consolidated into one convenient place, saving time, effort, and resources for both the end user and their facility. Besides facilitating professional development, the webcasts available with an All-Access Pass enable staff to earn continuing education credits for maintaining their credentials (e.g., AAPC, AHIMA and CIRCC).

“Subscriptions and trials will continue to sustain their value in 2023 and beyond,” said Kornegor. “The rapid evolution of healthcare regulations and coding rules in addition to technological changes, demand continuous learning and adaptation. All-Access Passes and webcast subscriptions provide a dynamic and up-to-date platform that can consistently deliver relevant content and resources to meet the evolving needs of professionals.”

MedLearn Media offers multiple All-Access Pass options and webcast subscriptions to fit any size organization, team, and budget, including  a 7-day free trial for ICD10 and RAC monitor webcast subscriptions. For more information, visit MedLearn Publishing All Access Passes, ICD10monitor Subscription, or RACmonitor Subscription, or call 800-252-1578.

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