MedLearn partners with TiaTech USA to capture every healthcare RCM dollar with plan for ‘Zero Clinical Encounters Left Behind’

St. Paul, MN: October, 2022—In its ongoing fight against Non-Patient Outcome Spending (NPOS), MedLearn Media announced today that it has teamed up with TiaTech to educate healthcare providers about state-of-the-art revenue cycle platforms, like TiaStat, that capture all billable claims of a provider for all the locations where they treat patients.
TiaStat caters to the interests of and supports accountability for all RCM stakeholders (physicians, office staff, coders and billers) by consolidating clinical documentation, providing real-time coding, and displaying the status of billable charges at every step of the RCM process.

TiaStat features a built-in, cross-team communication function that streamlines workflow proficiencies, freeing up time for administrators and physicians to focus on patient care and satisfaction, a personal passion of TiaTech founder and CEO, Ramesh Madhavan.

Dr. Madhavan, a Board-Certified vascular neurologist with a background in Clinical Informatics and Data Mining, practicing and teaching across multiple clinical settings, recognized the need for a unified, comprehensive RCM solution to bridge the disconnect between providers and billing, and the revenue lost as a result.

Dr. Madhavan founded TiaTech with the goal to “improve clinical outcomes, reduce administrative inefficiencies, lower costs, and facilitate peer and patient engagement.” Dr. Madhavan adds that the resulting collection of “big data has also the potential to drive research and identification of key health trends.”

TiaStat uses an artificial intelligence-assisted ICD/ CPT/ DRG ‘charge capture’ function to track and consolidate a provider’s daily patient schedule across multiple clinic and hospital locations. The HIPPA-compliant, secure cloud platform will ensure a ‘Zero Trust’ cybersecurity environment, deployment early Q1, 2023, delivering a sophisticated level of protection not common in today’s health platforms.

MedLearn CEO Tom Dolan describes Dr. Madhavan as a visionary. “TiaTech’s portfolio challenges NPOS every day, making more money available to create better patient outcomes. Especially needed now, their core work in billing and revenue cycle even stretches into staffing with powerful, insight-driven software for automated scheduling and staff resource management.”

The partnership will combine TiaTech’s advanced rev cycle optimization software with MedLearn’s trusted name to reduce the burden NPOS places on healthcare facilities.

About MedLearn Media:

MedLearn Media is a nationally recognized healthcare publishing and media firm specializing in all aspects of coding, compliance, reimbursement and the revenue cycle. The company’s portfolio includes RACmonitor and ICD10monitor, both of which are news and information services for healthcare providers in regulatory compliance as well as clinical coding and documentation.

About TiaTech USA Inc.

TiaTech is a physician-owned, Michigan-based modular digital health care company providing hospitals, clinics and nursing facilities with software solutions to streamline workflow, improve clinical outcomes, and unify billing and communication to maximize reimbursements.

In addition to its RCM solution, TiaTech offers in-patient Smart ICU, Smart-Room technologies (providing 24/7 patient video and physiological data monitoring), post-acute / post-discharge AI-enhanced Smart Clinical Care Pathways (including remote patient monitoring and chronic care management), a robust telehealth platform (accessed on iOS, Android, web, and carts), and Clinical Specialty tele-consult services.

View the official press release here.