New All-Access Passes from MedLearn Publishing respond to a changing environment

In response to the changing professional development needs and budgetary constraints of healthcare organizations, MedLearn Publishing has launched a product line that gives customers unlimited access to comprehensive sets of educational and reference resources for one affordable annual fee.

The new All-Access Passes cover coding, billing and compliance through annually updated eBooks, timely webcasts, monthly newsletters, at-a-glance coding charts, expert-written articles and more. MedLearn Publishing offers All-Access Passes specific to diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, cardiology, infusion and injection therapy, respiratory therapy, and laboratory. 

“With budgets stretched to the max, healthcare leaders told us they needed an affordable way to train their entire staff. In addition, it’s been challenging for them to deliver consistent, high-quality education to  the many team members working in remote locations,” explains Angela Kornegor, Chief Operating Officer, MedLearn Media. “Now, with an All-Access Pass, all members of a healthcare team, regardless of location, can receive the same trusted education anytime they need it, using any internet-connected device, at substantial savings over the cost of individual product subscriptions.”

A subscription includes unlimited access to current resources in the MedLearn Publishing digital library for the selected modality, plus access to a one-year archive of the edition-based publications. Besides facilitating professional development, the webcasts available with an All-Access Pass enable staff to earn continuing education credits for maintaining their credentials (e.g., AAPC, AHIMA and CIRCC). Other features include the ability to create “favorites” and alerts about upcoming events and updated resources.

“We designed our All-Access Passes with the needs and wishes of our customers in sharp focus,” states Kornegor. “At the same time, our experts continue to observe widespread mistakes and omissions that are exacting a high cost and putting healthcare organizations at risk. In so many ways, an All-Access Pass is clearly right for the times.”

MedLearn Publishing offers multiple All-Access Pass options to fit any size organization, team, and budget. For more information, visit or call 800-252-1578.

View the official press release here.