MedLearn Publishing Launching Educational Webcasts to Benefit Interventional Radiology Coding Professionals

MedLearn Publishing announced this week that it is now offering educational webcasts approved for continuing education for the Radiology Certified Coder in Interventional Radiology (RCCIR) licensure from the Radiology Certified Coding Board (RCCB).

The first four in this unique 11-part series – which take place each month from January to November – now offer RCCIR Continuing Education units, with MedLearn announcing they will seek approval for each webcast in the series in the coming months to support Radiology Professionals seeking or renewing RCCIR licensure. The 2019 Interventional Radiology Coding Series features coding guidance on topics including Introduction to Interventional Radiology (IR) Coding, Abdominal Interventional Radiology Coding, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Dialysis Shunt Interventional Radiology Coding, and many more.

“We are excited to offer the radiology coding community a valuable array of resources created with the specific goal of helping providers meet the highest standards of coding in this unique field,” MedLearn Media Executive Director Angela Kornegor said. “We know how important it is that this community has access to quality education, and we are proud to partner with the RCCB on ensuring that it is in place, with useful guidance on techniques and best practices ranging from the basic to the complex and everywhere in between.”

Registration for the series can be accessed online here and attendees can participate live or in an on-demand format. Participants will find direct, useful guidance to help them decipher complex language in physician documentation, identify anatomy and IR procedures with correct codes, achieve interpretation and application of coding changes or imaging guidance, and much more. The webcasts’ chief presenter, Jeff Majchrzak, Vice President of Radiology and Cardiology Services at Panacea Healthcare Solutions has accumulated a wealth of experience through his more than 27 years working in the industry.

IR coding accuracy rates can be as low as 70%, and as the industry continues to evolve by adapting to bundling and packaging, coding guideline changes, and advancement of medical technology, documentation has become much more complex. Facilities nationwide continue to struggle with ensuring that their teams, consisting of clinical and non-clinical staff, expand their understanding of IR coding and stay on top of the myriad changes. IR departments consistently rank among the top revenue-generating units at virtually every facility where they exist, and as they continue to evolve, it is imperative that their teams remain at the top of their games, allowing their parent providers to continue to offer highest quality of patient care to patients.

Certification achieved through the RCCB demonstrates a firm commitment and interest in providing only the highest-quality radiology coding, keeping in strict compliance with federal regulations. The RCCB is a fully autonomous entity, independent of any other association or society, allowing it to maintain integrity concerning policy matters related to credentialing. The RCCB issues certificates to individuals who successfully meet its standards, adhere to those standards and relevant policies and procedures, and prepare for and pass the certification exam. These individuals are permitted to present themselves to the public as Radiology Certified Coders, using the designation RCC following their names.

If you have any questions regarding information in these press releases please contact the company listed in the press release. Our complete disclaimer appears here: MedLearn Publishing has been a proud partner with the RCCB for over 18 years by providing the radiology community a wide range of educational resources, helping professionals study for their pre-exam prep or take advantage of post-credentialing opportunities through a test series and industry-specific webcasts that focus on Nuclear Medicine Coding, Interventional radiology, Diagnostic Radiology coding such as CT/MR, Ultrasound, and more.

“We at RCCB are always looking for ways to expand, and to educate coders in our industry. Since there was no credential for IR coders, we felt it important to develop a credential for them so that our industry could be certain that they were hiring competent professionals,” RCCB President Renée C. Engle (RCC, RCCIR, FRBMA) said. “The RCCIR credential will ensure physicians that the individual has specific training and education to provide them with a skill set needed for correct coding.”

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