MedLearn Media Launches New Incentive Program

MedLearn Media, one of the country’s leading providers of medical coding, documentation, regulatory, and compliance education, has launched a program called MedLearn Media Insiders that rewards and empowers customers with complimentary how-to resources and hands-on tools.

Customers who order from a select group of MedLearn Publishing’s coding books are automatically enrolled in the Insiders program at no charge. Throughout the year, they receive free perks that add value to the content of the publication they ordered. Perks include special reports, fact sheets, webcasts, coding quick guides, and newsletters, featuring the distilled knowledge of top experts in coding, documentation, billing, and compliance.

“Right now, is an ideal time to bring the MedLearn Media Insiders program to our customers,” states Angela Kornegor, Executive Director, MedLearn Media, Inc. “Many health systems, hospitals and clinics have been struggling with dramatically decreased patient volumes and revenues, coupled with huge spikes in expenses, stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the situation is improving, significant challenges are expected to continue into the foreseeable future.”

One report, she notes, by the American Hospital Association (AHA) titled “COVID-19 in 2021: The Potential Effect on Hospital Revenues,” projects that 2021 hospital revenues will drop between $53 billion to $122 billion below pre-pandemic levels.

“Through additional guidance, tips, insights, and news,” continues Kornegor, “the Insider perks we’re delivering to our customers support their efforts to seize all legitimate revenue opportunities as patient volumes continue to recover, while ensuring complete and compliant coding.

Interestingly, the idea for a program to reward and support customers was conceived a few years ago, well before the pandemic. MedLearn Media has long recognized the growing difficulty of achieving revenue objectives and fully complying with regulations, in a constantly evolving and increasingly complex healthcare environment.

“The MedLearn Media Insiders program expands on our longstanding commitment to guide and support customers on their journey through each year’s changes, which can include new codes, coding rules, regulations, and payer requirements,” explains Kornegor.

MedLearn Publishing books eligible for Insiders perks encompass several medical specialties, including interventional radiology, diagnostic radiology, cardiology, laboratory, injection and infusion services, and respiratory therapy.  Click here to view the eligible MedLearn Publishing books.

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