From Medical Learning to MedLearn Media: 30 years of growth and innovation

In 1991 Mike Rogge followed through on his vision of a consulting firm that would offer healthcare organizations a faster, more efficient way to audit their coding, billing and regulatory compliance. The result was first, Medical Resources, Inc, then Medical Learning (MedLearn), Inc., a company that grew and evolved into what is now known as MedLearn Media with its three distinct brands: MedLearn PublishingICD10monitor and RACmonitor.

Because of his extensive background in radiology, including experience as a radiology department director, Rogge decided to target that area of healthcare for his new consulting business.

“Back then — and it’s still true today — there was enormous revenue potential for radiology departments and practices. But this potential came with substantial risks due to miscoding, inappropriate billing and lack of documentation to support charges,” explains Rogge, now Chairman and Director of MedLearn Media. “Radiology practices and departments needed a better way to uncover missed revenue opportunities and avoid costly compliance pitfalls.”

MedLearn developed an innovative approach to auditing that streamlined and accelerated the auditing process. But even more important to the early success of MedLearn, Rogge contends, were the individuals he brought on board to handle a growing workload. The company recruited people who possessed deep clinical experience, coupled with a keen understanding of the business side of healthcare.

One of MedLearn’s first hires was Jeff Majchrzak, BA, RCC, CIRCC, who arrived with a wealth of experience at the time as both a registered and certified radiologic technologist and nuclear medicine technologist. Having experience in both government and private sector healthcare institutions such as the VA Medical Center, Allina and HealthEast Systems added a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences in both teaching institutions like the VA as well as traditional healthcare settings like Allina and HealthEast. As a MedLearn consultant, Majchrzak brought his clinical and business office expertise to bear on the challenges of radiology practice and administration, but eventually specialized in the area of interventional radiology, helping both hospitals and physicians across the nation navigate through the ever-changing rules and regulations.

“I couldn’t have been luckier to have had this opportunity. Having the chance to work with Mike, and for him through the different iterations of MedLearn, has been an immense pleasure over the past three decades,” says Majchrzak, now Vice President at Panacea® Healthcare Solutions, a Besler company. “This is a first-class organization with an unmatched commitment to the financial integrity of its clientele — and it shows in the many organizations that have been MedLearn customers from the very beginning.”

Starting in 1994, when MedLearn expanded into publications, Majchrzak served as the primary contributor to Interventional Radiology Coder, the bestselling MedLearn Publishing book year after year.

Since 1991 MedLearn has employed or partnered with numerous other top subject matter experts who have helped the company broaden its focus to other healthcare disciplines, including cardiology, infusion and injection services, laboratory and respiratory therapy. Over time, MedLearn also has evolved its knowledge delivery mechanisms to meet changing customer needs and demands. Encompassing three brands, the portfolio of MedLearn Media products ranges from books, charts, newsletters and blogs, to webcasts, podcasts, streaming services and information web portals.

“When you look at how we provide value to our customers, MedLearn Media has changed dramatically over the years and we have more coming,” says Angela Kornegor, Executive Director, who joined the company in 2003. “But some things remain constant, including the remarkably talented people like Mike, Jeff and many others who have been part of our organization since the beginning. To me, that extraordinary continuity shows how constantly needed and deeply important the work that we performed was, and is, and will continue to be tomorrow.”

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