A Letter from our CEO

What can you learn from MedLearn? What have we been teaching for 30 years? If you can’t quite put your finger on it, I am here to explain.

Consider that the US healthcare system uses more than 30% of its annual budget for health administration costs (hereafter referred to as Non-Patient Outcome Spending, or NPOS), according to the Annals of Internal Medicine. That 30% dedicated to NPOS is equal to 800 billion dollars and is among the highest percentages globally. This is an increasingly urgent matter as NPOS rises rapidly and quality of care appears to be dwindling.

There is a better way. We can collectively re-focus healthcare budgeting away from NPOS and towards improved patient outcomes. The MedLearn team is driven by and completely dedicated to pursuing this ideal.

Today, MedLearn is uniquely positioned to impact NPOS. We are assisted by a team of 60 nationally recognized subject matter experts. Our partners are the thought leaders and technology companies of tomorrow’s streamlined health system. MedLearn’s team also reports on NPOS-related issues in the field to warn and guide our readers. MedLearn’s core news services and quality-assuring resources on ICD-10 coding, CPT® coding and third-party contract auditors, such as Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) can help control organizational NPOS. Master these administrative regulations with awareness and strategies for maximized efficiency from MedLearn and your team will begin stemming NPOS within your organization. 

Every day, we at MedLearn envision a change — a snowball effect that starts with the balance of 3% lower NPOS spending (24 billion dollars) being redirected to improve US patient outcomes. This snowball, we believe, will achieve a global reshaping of the efficacy of our healthcare. 

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