Radiology Question for the Week of April 17, 2017


The facility ordered CPT code 71021, and the radiologist documented a lateral and apical lordotic view only. Would it be appropriate to bill 71010 and 71035 or modify CPT 71021 with a 52?


You would report 71035—radiologic examination, chest, special views (e.g., lateral decubitus, Bucky studies). It is not appropriate to code 71010 for a lateral chest x-ray as this code is specific for a frontal view, not lateral.

In the past, we would have said to code 71035 x 2 but the most recent information from the American Medical Association and the American College of Radiology is to code 71035 just once.

Disclaimer: Every reasonable effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this information at the time it was published. However, due to the nature of industry changes over time we cannot guarantee its validity after the year it was published.