Radiology Question for the Week of November 2, 2020

Radiology Compliance Question of the Week


How many times can 76881 or 76882 be billed when multiple joints are scanned during the same patient encounter?


Currently, no specific document or written piece of guidance exists stating whether this code may be submitted more than once for the same patient encounter when ipsilaterally multiple joints have been imaged for a clinical
diagnosis other than a joint survey for arthritis. The code definition does not indicate that more than one joint is imaged within the definition (i.e., no use of “s” applied to the word “joint” within the definition). Therefore, when medically necessary and when there are specific orders requesting the imaging of more than one joint in the same extremity, code 76881 or 76882 may be reported for each joint examined. Be aware that current CCI edits show that the MUE is 2 for each of these codes. The MAI for these codes is 3.

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