Radiology Question for the Week of March 1, 2021

Radiology Compliance Question of the Week


Can we report 78445 with any other nuclear medicine procedures?


Do not report 78445 in addition to any other nuclear medicine procedure. As the SNMMI coding committee states, “CPT® 78445 is a single-body-area flow imaging study and a stand-alone procedure code and is not intended to be used as an add-on code with other nuclear medicine procedures. The commonly performed flows with nuclear medicine procedures have their own specific CPT codes such as the conventional three-phase bone scan, CPT 78315 Bone and/or joint imaging; three-phase and typically consists of flow, blood-pool and delayed imaging phases or CPT 78216 Liver-Spleen Imaging with vascular flow.” A flow study would be inherent in this procedure code.

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