Pharmacy Question for the Week of March 26, 2018

Pharmacy Compliance Question of the Week


I believe that part of the answer in last week’s posting is incorrect. You stated that code Q5102 (which describes both currently available versions of infliximab biosimilars) will be discontinued and replaced with codes 5102 and 5014. Although it’s true Q5102 will be discontinued March 31, 2018, I don’t think the replacement codes are correct. Can you provide the right codes?


Thank you for calling this error to our attention. Effective for claims with dates of service on or after April 1, 2018, HCPCS level II code Q5102 (injection, infliximab, biosimilar, 10 mg) will be replaced with the following:

Q5103 Injection, infliximab-dyyb, biosimilar, (inflectra), 10 mg
Q5014 Injection, infliximab-abda, biosimilar, (renflexis), 10 mg

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