Pharmacy Question for the Week of March 18, 2019

Pharmacy Compliance Question of the Week


What drugs are treated as supplies and therefore should not be billed separately to the beneficiary?


The following are a list of drugs that should be treated as supplies:

  • Sedatives administered to a patient while he/she is in the preoperative area being prepared for a procedure.
  • Mydriatic drops instilled into the eye to dilate the pupils, anti-inflammatory drops, antibiotic drops/ointments, and ocular hypotensives that are administered to a patient immediately before, during, or immediately following an ophthalmic procedure. This does not refer to the patient’s eye drops that the patient uses pre-and postoperatively.
  • Barium or low osmolar contrast media provided integral to a diagnostic imaging procedure.
  • Topical solution used with photodynamic therapy furnished at the hospital to treat nonhyperkeratotic actinic keratosis lesions of the face or scalp.
  • Antibiotic ointments such as bacitracin, placed on a wound or surgical incision at the completion of a procedure.

Disclaimer: Every reasonable effort was made to ensure the accuracy of this information at the time it was published. However, due to the nature of industry changes over time we cannot guarantee its validity after the year it was published.