Laboratory Question for the Week of November 20, 2017

Laboratory Compliance Question of the Week


Is there more than one unlisted code for lab tests that have no CPT® codes?


Yes, there are many unlisted procedure codes for lab tests, which are in the CPT book instruction notes for pathology and lab. They are listed below.

81099 Unlisted urinalysis procedure
81479 Unlisted molecular pathology procedure
81599 Unlisted multianalyte assay with algorithmic analysis
84999 Unlisted chemistry procedure
85999 Unlisted hematology and coagulation procedure
86486 unlisted antigen, each
86849 Unlisted immunology procedure
86999 Unlisted transfusion medicine procedure
87999 Unlisted microbiology procedure
88099 Unlisted necropsy (autopsy) procedure
88199 Unlisted cytopathology procedure
88299 Unlisted cytogenetic study
88399 Unlisted surgical pathology procedure
88749 Unlisted in vivo (eg, transcutaneous) laboratory service
89240 Unlisted miscellaneous pathology test
89398 Unlisted reproductive medicine laboratory procedure

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