Laboratory Question for the Week of July 10, 2017

Laboratory Compliance Question of the Week


I am wondering if we should be charging for 82962 for hospital inpatients. All the documentation that we have found states it should not be used in a hospital setting.


The answer to your question is separate from whether the following code is chargeable to the patient/payer for inpatient glucose monitoring for insulin administration.

82962 Glucose, blood by glucose monitoring device[s] cleared by the FDA specifically for home use)

CPT® code 82962 is accurate for most POC glucose system technology used for in-house monitoring of glucose levels. However, from a billing and payment perspective, the CPT is billable when the testing is medically indicated and diagnostic in nature (based on physician order, individual result reported to provider and medical decision-making is applied to treatment/diagnosis of the patient).  In the scenario where the POC glucose is utilized for sliding scale insulin dosing, the glucose measurement is a monitor of patient status and is inherent in the medication management of the patient. In this scenario, we would not recommend separately billing of a charge for sliding scale glucose measurement.

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