Laboratory Question for the Week of April 13, 2020

Laboratory Compliance Question of the Week


What is the per-mile travel allowance in 2020?


For 2020, the minimum per-mile travel allowance is $1.03—an amount that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will review and update throughout the year in conjunction with the CLFS, as needed. MACs also have the option of establishing a higher per-mile rate, in excess of the minimum $1.03 per mile, if local conditions warrant it. CMS notes that the “per mile allowance was computed using the Federal mileage rate plus an additional 45 cents a mile to cover the technician’s time and travel costs (57.5 cents plus 45 cents equals 1.025 cents and is rounded up to 1.03 cents per mile to reflect system capabilities).”

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