Cardiology Question for the Week of May 1, 2017

Cardiology Compliance Question of the Week


In the cardiology question of 4-17-17, the provider asked what codes would be assigned for explanting the dual-system permanent pacemaker and implanting and attaching two new leads to the existing pacemaker on the other side of the chest. You stated that codes 33222, 33235 and 33217 would be assigned, but these only cover the relocation of a skin pocket and the electrodes. Based on the question, is the whole pacemaker being removed, relocated, and then re-implanted with two new leads? If so wouldn’t you code 33233, 33235, and 33208?


The new leads were attached to the existing (old) pacemaker. The only thing the physician did was create a new pocket on the other side of the chest, implant two new leads and attach them to the old battery. Since the old battery is being used, there is nothing that can be reported for that portion of the procedure.

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