Cardiology Question for the Week of May 14, 2018

Cardiology Compliance Question of the Week


Can you explain the steps involved in ligating and dividing the long saphenous vein and the code choices for this procedure?


This procedure involves the physician isolating and separating the saphenous vein at the point where it joins with the femoral vein or at several points further down the leg. The physician then clamps and ligates the saphenous vein as needed. Ligation and division of the long saphenous veins at the saphenofemoral junction, or distal interruptions, may be assigned code 37700. Do not report this code in conjunction with 37718 (ligation, division, and stripping, short saphenous vein) or 37722 (ligation, division, and stripping, long (greater) saphenous veins from saphenofemoral junction to knee or below. For bilateral procedure, report 37700 with modifier 50.

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