Cardiology Question for the Week of December 17, 2018

Cardiology Compliance Question of the Week


My provider performed a PTCA in the left circumflex artery and then stented the OMB 1, OMB2 and OMB3 branches. Would CPT codes 92920-LC (PTCA of the LCX), 92928-LC (Stent in OMB 1) and 92929 (Stent in OMB2) be the correct codes to report for this case?


The correct codes would be 92928-LC, 92929-LC, 92929-LC.

You code based on the hierarchy, and not by which procedure was done first, or even the procedure done on the major artery first. The code description for the initial procedure code (92928) is “single major coronary artery or branch.”

In this case you have three stents and one angioplasty.  You can code a maximum of three procedures in the same major coronary artery “family,” so you would assign three stent codes.

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