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Coding Essentials for Respiratory Therapy/Pulmonary Function FY20Q1 Update

Thank you for being a valued subscriber to Coding Essentials for Respiratory Therapy/Pulmonary Function for 2020. As you know, RT continues to face challenges when it comes to coding, charge capture and compliance, we are eager to tackle those challenges together. We put all our energy into making sure your resources offer the most current and complete solutions to your everyday – and maybe not so everyday – coding, charge capture, and compliance questions. When updating the 2020 edition of Coding Essentials for Respiratory Therapy/Pulmonary Function, our team paid extra attention to:

Inhalation treatments. The proper use of codes for inhalation treatments are among the most common questions we receive, and recent NCCI edits didn’t make this any clearer. We made sure the guidance for these services is as clear and complete as possible.

New frequently asked questions section. With so much gray area when it comes to coding, having a quick reference guide to some of our frequently received questions was long overdue. We are excited to continue to expand on these moving forward based on your questions.

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We look forward to partnering with you this year and providing you with the relevant news and information you need to meet the challenges ahead. Rest assured, your success is our top priority.

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