Delivering 20 years of empowerment: Coding Essentials for Laboratories from MedLearn Publishing

Clinical laboratories have kept pace with virtually every advance in the delivery of healthcare. As they’ve implemented new technologies and services, laboratories have also been challenged to comply with changing requirements for coding and billing. Since 2003 clinical laboratories across the country have relied on Coding Essentials for Laboratories to ensure the appropriate revenue capture and full regulatory compliance.

After 22 years, Peripheral & Cardiology Coder from MedLearn Publishing is still ‘connecting the dots’ from clinical to coding

Medical coders play a vital role in the delivery of cardiovascular care across the United States. Since 2001 the book, Peripheral & Cardiology Coder from MedLearn Publishing, has supported these coders by delivering highly focused guidance in the coding of peripheral and cardiology procedures. This resource was inspired by and developed in collaboration with esteemed healthcare coding and reimbursement consultant Terry Fletcher.