Pelvic Angiography – When is it Appropriate to Assign 75736?

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Pelvic angiography – it’s a term we see in reports and there’s a CPT® code specifically describing it, so why is this code so frequently mis-used? The answer to that involves understand what the definition of true pelvic angiography entails and the key terms to look for in documentation to support it. Selective (True) Pelvic […]

Biliary IR Coding – 5 Common Mistakes

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With most bundled code sets, it’s the small details that make all the difference. Biliary procedures are much the same. The code descriptions look similar but contain subtle variations that require a good understanding of the full, long description of each code. However, code descriptions don’t always provide all the information needed for correct application […]

Genitourinary IR – Same Procedure, Different Terms

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With interventional radiology procedures, to say physician documentation can be a little tricky is an understatement. For genitourinary procedures specifically, this seems even more apparent. It’s not uncommon for different physicians to describe the same procedure in different ways and, with some terms used interchangeably (that have very different meanings) it can be frustrating for anyone coding genitourinary services. Let’s […]

Essentials of Interventional Radiology Coding FY20Q1 Update

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Thank you for being a valued subscriber to Essentials of Interventional Radiology Coding for 2020. As you know, IR continues to face challenges when it comes to coding and compliance, we are eager to tackle those challenges together. We put all our energy into making sure your resources offer the most current and complete solutions […]