Radiology Question for the Week of November 30, 2015



We don’t have a treadmill in the vascular lab. For code 93924, is it acceptable to walk the patient around until symptomatic, or does the exercise have to be on a motorized treadmill? 


As you can see below, the code description for 93924 says “treadmill” and “motorized treadmill.”  Because the code description explicitly states treadmill, only treadmill exercise qualifies for this test. 

93924     Noninvasive physiologic studies of lower extremity arteries, at rest and following treadmill stress testing, (i.e., bidirectional Doppler waveform or volume plethysmography recording and analysis at rest with ankle/brachial indices immediately after and at timed intervals following performance of a standardized protocol on a motorized treadmill plus recording of time of onset of claudication or other symptoms, maximal walking time, and time to recovery) complete bilateral study