Radiology Question for the Week of March 7, 2016


We have an order for an abdominal ultrasound and an appendiceal ultrasound. Do we code both 76700 and 76705?   


You cannot report both 76700 and 76705 for imaging at the same session. While the appendix is not one of the required elements for a complete ultrasound, it would be included if imaged (or looked for) during an abdominal exam.  

According to the American College of Radiology, one of the following codes could be appropriate depending on the referring physician’s order, the clinical circumstances, and how focused the clinical question is.  

76700 Ultrasound, abdominal, real time with image documentation; complete

76705 limited (e.g., single organ, quadrant, follow-up)

76856 Ultrasound, pelvic (nonobstetric), real time with image documentation; complete