Nuclear Medicine Question for the Week of March 14, 2016


Our doctor dictated a renal scan with the following technique: “Following the intravenous injection of 15.1 mCi of Tc-99m DTPA sequential posterior flow images were obtained at 2 second intervals for 1 minute. Subsequently, posterior images of the kidneys were obtained at 30 second intervals for 30 minutes.  40 mg of Lasix was administered at 22 minutes following the intravenous injection of the radionuclide. Blood flow curves and excretion curves were computer-generated with ROI prescribed maps of the kidneys.” Would this be 78707, 78708 or 78709? 


This dictation would be assigned the following code: 

78708Kidney imaging morphology; with vascular flow and function, single study, with pharmacological intervention (e.g., angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor

If the dictation mentions Lasix, Captopril, or other non-radiopharmaceutical drugs, then it is considered a study with pharmacological intervention.  In this case, a single study was performed with pharmacological intervention, not two separate studies, one without Lasix and one with.