Cardiology Question for the Week of January 4, 2016



Electrophysiologists have begun ordering computed tomography (CT) pulmonary vein mapping of the heart and 3D post-processing prior to ablations for patients in atrial fibrillation.  We are considering assignment of CPT code 75572. Is that correct?


Code 75572 is the correct code for pulmonary vein mapping by CT prior to ablation. 3D post processing is included in 75572, so it would not be appropriate to also code 76376 or 76377. 

75572 Computed tomography, heart, with contrast material, for evaluation of cardiac structure and

 morphology (including 3D image postprocessing, assessment of cardiac function, and evaluation

 of venous structures, if performed)

CPT Changes 2010, published by the American Medical Association included a clinical example for this kind of case and this code.